We chose Vonage Business for our office phone system after comparing it with many others, including Ring Central, Ooma, Atcom and Windstream. We decided to go with Vonage because it was the best combination of great features and low cost. Insight Direct Networks did a seamless job of answering our questions, installing our service, managing the porting process, coordinating the installation with new Time Warner services. The install went without a problem, and your team did a great job in training our employees. We've had the system for about a year now, and the only problem we have had was due to a flood in our building. We called Vonage Business for support, and they even sent a brand new router free of charge. We're delighted with all of the features that the system gives us, especially the auto attendant, and the ability for our calls to follow us to our cell phones. Great job Insight, very professional job!

Energy Catchers LLC