How We Do Business

Our local team of certified IT professionals are passionate about service!


Our Passion Is Making Technology Work for You

Insight is among the largest telecom solution providers in North Carolina. We provide the best internet, telecom, cloud-based communications, hardware, and networking solutions on the market. Our clients trust us to solve problems, grow their businesses, and reduce costs for services like telephone and internet. Because we represent most of the providers, our advice to you is completely independent and is always free, as our compensation comes from the providers you choose.

When you partner with Insight, we become invested in you, so if IT or telecom issues arise, you’re not left to figure out which vendor to call for resolution. With one call to our service team, we will assess the issue and resolve it ASAP, coordinating with whichever vendor needs to be involved.


For Locals, by Locals

For clients in the RDU/Piedmont area, we will come out and meet you face to face. Insight Direct acts as a liaison between your business and more than 60 specialty companies that provide a range of quality internet and telecommunications services. Because the field is so complex, Insight Direct experts work directly with you to identify, design, and develop leading-edge solutions, using tools, technologies, and services that meet your current needs with the adaptability to accommodate refinements in the future.

This face-to-face commitment is what makes Insight different from most other solution providers. Once we've created and implemented your solution, you can count on Insight to be there to help you resolve any issues you have.


Straight Talk, In Person

Technology can be a pretty impersonal experience, especially when it comes to customer service. If you're like most people, you'd rather do almost anything than call a phone company for help with a problem. The trend in this business is not toward personal relationships, and it doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon. That's where Insight sees things through a different lens. Whether you have 2 or 200 employees, we'll meet you face to face and do what it takes to solve your challenges. We won’t brush you off with tech jargon, and we’ll always keep you in the loop.

Our goal is to have you so completely satisfied with the depth and quality of our solution, that we become your partners for life.