Hosted Voice Integration

Unleash the true power of your business by integrating your business software and systems with your communications platform

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Insight helps you empower your employees to sell more, provide better service, and achieve higher productivity than ever before by unifying your disparate communication apps onto one platform. Insight’s team crafts practical business solutions that integrate all of your existing business systems with all of your communications devices, giving you unprecedented flexibility and operational agility. We’ve also got preconfigured solutions for many common business software products, so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Hosted Voice Integration services from Insight provide a variety of benefits, including:

Screen Pop

Have you ever been on a call where the customer service rep spends several minutes looking for your account just to solve a 30-second problem? With CTI Screen Pop, the caller’s number routes through your databases and pulls up the customer records even before your phone rings, saving your customers from this frustration.

CRM Integration

Understanding your client relationships can be challenging. Let us help by integrating your teams’ calls, texts, emails, and more with your CRM. Get a huge productivity boost with just a little integration.

Enhanced Mobility, Anytime, Anywhere

A common challenge is that the best of tech can be found in the office, but once you leave the building, you’ve left it behind. Insight will provide easy accessibility from any browser or device, virtually anywhere, anytime.

Easy Tracking of Billable Time

Lost hours are no longer lost revenue. With cloud integrations, client calls are tracked, logged, matched to a current contact and, most importantly, accounted for.

The solutions we can help you integrate include, but are not limited to:


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