I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you both. Each time I have called or emailed either of you, you have been right there for us. We now have good phones up and running and are very happy. It has been a difficult couple of weeks but we made it through. Please forward this to your superiors, I would like for them to know what wonderful people they have working for them. We, as an American small business depend on a good phone system. We are so fortunate that our company is growing so fast, and now I feel confident that when talking to customers my calls won't get dropped. I would love for either of you to stop by at anytime if you are in the area. I just want you to know that you both made a difference in this situation, and your diligence and follow through was amazing. I don't think I would have service right now without either of you. Thanks again so much"

Bridgette Mckee
Office Manager Furniture by Lowell